19 May 2017

The exhibition space.

Common Ground has a three month non-selling exhibition in gallery six next to the Burne-Jones room in the Southampton City Art Gallery during the winter of 2017/18. The aim is not to have a wholly ‘traditional’ photographic exhibition of framed prints on a gallery wall but to include a variety of other photographic output, interpretations and audience outreach.

12 May 2017

Southampton cemetery was completed in 1845 and opened in 1846 covering 10/15 acres. A further five acres were added in 1863 and a final 12 acres in 1884.

Southampton angels are key images in the project. I’ve just received an ‘experimental’ A3 acrylic print to ascertain how the angels are to be presented and have decided to proceed with the acrylic aspect. The central angel will be on matte acrylic at 48″.

10 May 2017

One essential aspect of preparing for an exhibition is editing – somehow acquiring a cohesive narrative from numerous images that ought to reflect the ethos of the project and the anticipated communication.

One route is to make small prints. I use 6×4 paper and make PDFs of the relevant images.