14 September 2017

An update on the exhibition production:

  • The first three 30 x 20″ framed photographs have been produced. I’ve opted for a traditional box frame.
  • 2,000 postcards are on order – 200 of 10 designs (all exhibited). These are free for visitors.
  • The book draft is with the printers.
  • 6 x 4″ picture mounts have been sourced to enable visitors to ‘see’ the Common through a viewfinder.
  • The commissioned artists’ book will probably be finished by the end of this month. It can fold into a book format but extended to 180 odd cm.
  • The exhibition website has been updated with a gallery of works.


30 August 2017

Test 30 x 20″ print for the exhibition. There are 14 prints at this size plus three at 48 x 32″ in addition to two large light-box prints. There is other material including an artist’s book.

26 August 2017

Test printing of postcards for the exhibition. The plan is to have ten designs – two from each section – covering woodland, paths, open spaces, water and graveyard.

30 June 2017

The editing of the graveyard images continues. This is likely to be the exhibition layout. Each of the angel images will be at 48″ with the cross and stonework images at 15″ mounted under acrylic. A final angel at 30″ will be printed on Duratrans C-type mounted to 5mm clear perspex for rigidity and displayed in a handmade wooden light box.

10 June 2017

Once the editing process is almost complete, it’s time to start visualising how the images will look – is there a flow, a narrative.

This is a scaled version of one wall of the gallery – there are two at this dimension (32 feet) plus another two at about a third of the size. The figure is six feet tall, and the angel (to be printed on acrylic) is four feet high.

4 June 2017

Part of the artistic output is a series of light-box images. These are backlit transparencies printed on Fuji Duratran. As these are somewhat expensive, I’ve been testing candidates during the past year by printing on universal inkjet transparency film with subsequent display on a light panel.

24 May 2017

The paths are the key to the Common – it’s frame, linking the open spaces, the water, the woodland spaces and the graveyard.